Tuesday, October 19, 2010


When thinking of what topic to write about first, my thoughts instantly went towards accountability as there seems to be scant signs of it in our culture today.  Sometimes though I have to wonder whether its lack of accountability or a case of not having a clue. 

Reading through some of the headlines this morning and I see that President Obama’s explanation of why voters are turning to Republican candidates is that people are scared and therefore not thinking straight.  Hmmm, while I agree that most of us are scared about the current situations, it’s not in the way that this President is trying to portray.  We are thinking straight as a nation, much straighter than we have in quite some time; and we are definitely fearful for the direction this administration as well as congress is driving our country.   Thinking that one’s policies will work even though it has been proven throughout history that the model being used has never done more than achieve utter failure leads the rest of us to believe that either this person only seeks accountably only to themselves rather than the people they are supposed to lead.  Of course if they really believe it than maybe it’s that they don’t have a clue.

One glaring example of President Obama’s lack of accountability to truth is when he tells people not to forget what got us into this mess.  The lack of accountability comes in to play when he states that is was the policies of the previous administration, for what this president wants you to truly forget is that he was a member of the controlling party of congress for several years that really got us into this mess.  He has to use smoke and mirrors to distract those he speaks to in order to shift blame from where it truly belongs. 

The blame for this mess actually falls on all of us.  We haven’t been holding our leadership, yes, all three branches of it, accountable.  As a whole, the leadership of this country has not represented its people in a long time.  Our accountability comes into play in two weeks when we exercise our right to vote.  We must let our leaders and representatives know that we’re unhappy with politics over leadership.  We must now stand and elect those who will best represent our principles and take the nation on the path towards greatness once again.

Accountability or cluelessness?  It’s always a coin toss away – for all of us.